High colour rendering index bulbs

The colour rendering index (CRI or Ra for short) determines the fidelity of colour perception to the human eye. It evaluates the ability of a bulb or luminaire to display colours compared to normal daylight.

The index is given in values from 0 to 100. To give you an idea: At a value of 0, no colour is discernible. On the other hand, if the CRI is 100, it is an ideal light source that has a completely natural colour rendering. The lower the CRI number, the more faded and unnatural the colours are. The higher it is, the more vivid they are.

All LED bulbs in the TESLA lighting range achieve very high CRI values of 80 and above. However, we are pleased to introduce a new addition to our range - LED bulbs with an index ≥90. These bulbs are already very close to outdoor light, i.e. the colours that are most natural to our eye.