FK Meteor Prague

Tesla Lighting has contributed to the reconstruction of the lighting of the FK Meteor football field in Prague Libeň. It was a replacement of the original 12pcs of 2kW discharge lamps with modern high-performance LED floodlights with luminous intensity of 100 000 lm and power of 1700 W. LED floodlights 1700 W meet the European standard for lighting of sports grounds EN12193. With this replacement, we achieved a 60% increase in lighting intensity to the current 280 lx and a 100% increase in uniformity. The luminaire replacement resulted in an immediate energy saving of 8.4kW.

Also included in the delivery was a control system that switches modes via a switch box to, for example: training mode, match mode, lighting only half the pitch, etc.

This project was the first ever reconstruction of a football field with LED technology in the Czech Republic.

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