Customized lighting in 6 steps

1. analysis


2. light


3. project


4. implementation

5. monitoring

6. service


We will come, analyze, focus, advise.

It all starts with a thorough analysis of the space and its lighting. We will be happy to advise you and help you choose the best and most effective solution. The output of the analysis is a report on the current situation, identification of critical points and a recommended course of action.


We will prepare a lighting study and a comprehensive lighting design.

This is followed by a detailed lighting study, where we focus on three main aspects: savings, efficiency and healthy working conditions for employees. The study includes detailed information on the intensity and uniformity of the lighting in the premises. The output is also a calculation of the lighting at working level.


We will prepare a lighting project proposal, including a payback or management study.

On the basis of the lighting study, we will prepare a lighting project proposal that includes project documentation and the procedure for installing the lights, including all costs, implementation dates, necessary information and a payback study. Intelligent light control can also be added.


We will professionally install, hand over, train.

We fully adapt to the needs of your company during the implementation of the project, and we plan the installation schedule completely individually. Upon completion, handover is a matter of course, including complete documentation and training of your staff in the operation of the lighting system.


We can help with optimization, provide support.

It doesn't end with the installation, on the contrary, it begins. Thanks to our intelligent light control system, you have the opportunity to maximise your efficiency, for example, by setting light intervals or selective zones, and thus take full advantage of the savings potential that our solution brings.


We will take care of maintenance and service.

Based on our many years of experience, we offer a complete programme of expert maintenance of lighting and control systems. We try to solve all maintenance services in the shortest possible time.

2. elaboration

Complete lighting study and lighting design

3. Project solution

Including payback study and management proposal

4. installation

Individual planning of the work schedule

5. monitoring

We help with optimization

6. service

Professional maintenance of lighting and control systems and support

LED industry solutions

  • Industry and production (industrial halls)
  • Offices, companies
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Shops, supermarkets and shopping centres
  • Art and culture (galleries, museums)
  • Architecture
  • Public lighting
  • Residential premises (households)

Photometric Laboratory

We have our own photometric laboratory in which we thoroughly we test our productsto ensure only the best quality for you.


We offer complete designing and calculations of interior and exterior lighting.

Bespoke lighting

We will come, analyze, focus, advise.

Programme for business partners

Shop directly from the manufacturer and add TESLA lighting products and services to your stores.


Sports hall Kostelec nad Černými lesy
FK Meteor Prague
FAST ČR a.s.
Pharmacy Magistra Kladno

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TESLA lighting is a Czech brand and a Czech company known worldwide as a leading supplier of light sources and lighting for all segments of family and professional life. TESLA lighting works as hard as possible on innovation and quality - all our lights undergo a series of measurements in our own laboratories to ensure that only the highest quality light reaches you, our customers.